Sunday, October 29, 2006

Trial by Fire

This is an old one. The last one that Steve Perry did with Journey. I remember when i bought it, ('96) i just waited until i could buy the japanese version for the bonus track. Again to have a more valued record :)

Message of love
sounded as separate ways. With strings, one more , and then the single when you love a woman... nice, but i prefer still she cries, with an absolute delicious slow piano solo, when i think of you, just the rain and the title track, trial by fire ...
an absolute masterpiece, very very underrated

Although arrival was a very good record, i think this one was far superior, though the other one was the real trial by fire

The single i bought, i did it because it was a steal, so cheap ... :-)
and because it had don't stop believin', open arms and who's crying now, apart from the title track. if prices are like this i would not mind buying everything :-D ... but sadly aren't :-(

10/10 indispensable. Perfectly polished. Aor at its best.

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