Sunday, October 29, 2006

Keeper of the seven keys II

Last year i went to a Helloween concert inside the legacy tour... I enjoyed it very much, the singer was friendly and the band tried succesfully we get a good time. This year Helloween released expanded editions of all their discography. I found this one, 2cd for a real low price, so i got it, considering it a bit a souvenir from the concert ... :)
Eagle fly free, dr. Stein, march of time, the epic keeper of the 7 keys... i want out, the resignation letter from Kai, all instant classics ... the bonus record has remixes and a couple of new songs which i already had it.
I tried to get the 2cd keeper from japan -see the mixed cover-, but i guess it was too expensive (literally one egg and a half, they told me) ... :-(
Happy enough with this one, i guess i will get part I the day i see a reasonable price ;-)
I can't remeber if it was 88 or 89, but this is high speed metal at its best. My first contact was in 93, but i guess i was not prepared at that time.

10/10 keep it safe classic status

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