Monday, October 30, 2006

Forever in time

Well, this is quite simple. With no doubt this is THE record of 98. And probably of the whole decade. There was no other record which reached the perfection in composition, melodies, arrangements, voices and all together. The result: ten superb songs which separately would made valuable in any other record. The best thing is that they were all together in this masterpiece.
Praying Mantis did a memorable debut record: Time tell no lies. Most people would think that they hadn't top that one. My opinion is different: Forever in time is different in style (nwobhm vs. hard rock) and both records are strong and good, but forever is the one of 5 records to bring to a desert island. However the record has not achieved the recognized status the debut one did. But damm!, it really deserved it.
The keyboards are brilliant and give another dimension with the two guitars around it. I liked it since the first time i heard it. I believe they just made a piece of art.
Special mention to the producer Chris Tsangaridis but what more could i say about this record except that i love it, i love it ...
Forever in time, wasted years, changes, blood of an angel, valley of the kings, best years, the day the sun turn cold, man behind the mask ...
Remember my name is interesting since is the only composition from the new guy, Tony, which really helped with his voice match the absolutely brilliant compositions made from the Troy brothers along with Dennis. Guys, you really made it!

beyond any classification. classic timeless

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