Saturday, October 28, 2006

On a storyteller's night

One of my latest adquisitions is the Magnum's main opus, "On a storyteller's night".
This one is the special collectors edition, 20th anniversary.

Filled from head to toe with first class melodic hooks: how far jerusalem, before first light, two hearts, les morts dansant, on a storyteller's night -which was the first song i heard from them- , just like an arrow, last dance...
Although it is from 85, it stands the test of time. Since i first heard this record i wanted to own it, so i went to ebay, and when saw this 2cd set, i found what i wanted.

As far as all i heard from Magnum, this record shines in a different way, the songs come to my mind so easily and with such power that i can't help lovin' it :-)
I would classify it between aor and hard rock, in the same vein than Praying Mantis, Marillion ... (though i find this one more guitar oriented than keyboards..)

we are the victims of the night
ride against the wind
born to lose the fight

how far jerusalem, before the heart breaks down ... play it looooud and feel the epic ;-)

i want you here, to help me through the night
want you may dear, don't leave before first light

keep the night light burning,
i'll come through wind and rain
keep the night light burning, i'll be with you once again

Good love
Two hearts
One achin'

It is really difficult to find such a perfect record, ;-) ... this one is amongst them. very few records will reach this status, so i have no better way to begin this blog than paying tribute to a true classic

10/10 classic timeless

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