Saturday, October 28, 2006

Black Rose

And another one ...
Nice cover, isn't it? Well the inside is nwobhm... for the new ones, new wave of british heavy metal ... which started back in the 80s ... This group is less known, i mean it does not belong to the great classics (Diamond Head, Praying Mantis, Saracen, Tank, Witchfynde, Angel witch, Holocaust, ... even Def Leppard, Iron Maiden, Saxon hold their first records in this style ), but it is good enough

Another unknown group? ... who cares! also got in ebay. The song i like most is keep the bright lights burning' which is exactly what i think it defines this kind of music, power chords, well constructed melodies that make you feel the music... a bit heavy? that's good ... unless you do not feel the music, it is worthless, at least this is my humble opinion ;-)
Still i have to listen it more... i do not have as much time as i would like to....
My complain is always not to bring the lyrics, though it is not as difficult to understand as others, you may miss some words

No point runnin' is also a good example of raw melodic metal ... I do not mind it is polished, let's say as Pyromania, as long as it is gooooodddd :-)

7/10 nice to have

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