Sunday, October 29, 2006

Once and future king II

I have to admit that i was first interested in this work because Sean Harris sang there in a couple of songs ... after hearing the two parts, i find in the second one my favourite with no doubt.
Without you
is a wonderful ballad in which the guitar and the voice sing in a very emotional way. And the force of the record is present in the first song, kill the king in which DC Cooper sings brilliantly. There by the grace of the gods is another perfect song.
The composition and the work of each singer gaves the record a deep consistency. Gary Hughes, the owner and producer of the records (part I and II) proves to be a great composer. Special mention to the lyrics, which are not easy, simple, but after some listenings they seem to glue smothly within the music. A great work, one of the best works from the last years... did i say it already ;)

9/10 indispensable

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