Sunday, January 21, 2007

Use your Illusion II

There was a time when I thought the II was better than the I. Not anymore. Both are great. Maybe second is mellower ... but, as I already said ... who cares

Stranged, you could be mine, civil war, don't cry, 14 years, yesterdays, get in the ring, and dylan's version knocking on heaven's door ... all great songs.

The riffs from stranged are really impresive ... and as November rain or Coma ... it is not easy to get a 9 minute song so good all the time!!

The strange play Guns did was to disappear from the world and leave millions of fans starving for such kind of great records :-( ... shame ... They could have been as huge and legendary as Led Zeppelin, Kiss...
they had an enormous potential, but did not take profit of it. A real rnr life ...

10/10 brilliant

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