Monday, January 15, 2007


This was my first alice cooper listening. And also one of the songs that introduce me in the unknown world of hard rock and heavy metal. Along with Van Halen and Bon Jovi. then came Guns n'Roses and all the universe opened it for me.
Poison was the anthem. But nearly all the songs are powerful, melodic, and sex. Spark in the dark, house of fire, why trust you, bed of nails.
Only my heart talkin' is a bit special for me, since was the song, along with L.A.Guns the Ballad of Jane which made my girlfriend feel sentimental, soo sentimental... it was not only big known ballads as Carrie, or Bon Jovi's which could show up some tears ...
Also I like the ballad hell is living without you
it is an almost perfect rock & sex record. Because all the songs are about sex ... or sound like sex ... or you just can not stop thinking about sex :-D.

10/10 brilliant

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