Sunday, January 28, 2007

out in the fields

another very best of, not the ballads one ... but the hits.
not a bad one. a double record, one bonus disc
out in the fields -one of the best songs, with feelin' teaming up with main lizzy man, this one is a great rocker and gives title to this compilation-, empty rooms, over the hills and far away, the loner -one of the best solo melodies in a song, forgotten because the commercial success of still got the blues-, military man -again a song with phil-, wild frontier, friday on my mind and the perennial still in love with you. this song is fabulous, though i prefer it with phil's voice, of course, as well as parisienne...
i can't stand about the live version of parisienne walkways. sorry. i can't. the studio version is sooo perfect. said it again?
the bonus record is mostly packed with live renditions. this is a cool way for a hits record.
lyrics in ;-)

9/10 nice to have

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