Monday, January 22, 2007

Appetite for Destruction

After listening the illusion records, I remember I was told this one was superior ... could not believe it, so I made a listening. From the first listening I understood the concept that I call 'dirty rock' and was a bit heavy for me then ... too much noise :-S ... But without a doubt the record was melodic and powerful, just was dirty, very very dirty ... soon I knew why this was so high acclaimed.
Instant classics for me were Welcome to the jungle, night train, i think about you, sweet child o' mine, paradise city ...

It is a great record, it does not have fillers. However the illusion records are great too... just slightly different, since they are very much more polished than this one, but the spirit is there.

I remember preferring this cover as well to the uncensored one, which was much more rawer.

10/10 classic status

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