Thursday, January 18, 2007

Here comes the Night

Ok, this one is not a heavy metal or hard rock. This one is a cover/tribute from Graham. And most of them are ... well, to say it better I would divide them into 2 groups, the rythmical ones, which most of them I do not like ... :-( , and the soft and long melodic ones, which are the ones i am most into.
Don't, here comes the night, change is gonna come, the classic only one woman, I go to sleep, look, don't touch ... so there is still a bunch of really great songs, more for a passionate night than to rock n'roll all nite ;-P

Curiously, one of the ones I like most is a song from his wife Jo Eime (look don't touch).

One of the best voices in metal to ballad service. Interesting.
The pain for me is that he has composed lots of great songs, but somehow Graham sings more than compose ... is this good? Well, it is not bad, but his really style, for me, are the songs he has written ... and I love them :-)

7/10 nice to have

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