Saturday, January 20, 2007

Use your Illusion I

This record is somehow special for me since was one of the first ones i bought ... in k7... yesterday I got the cd version. Guns n'Roses opened the whole spectrum of hard rock/heavy metal bands for me. And the illusion records were key for me that time. I also began listening to the radio ... and I finally found that I prefered this music to the radio music :-)
All the tracks are good enough, or I have listening to them so many times that I am not impartial ;-)
But they shine specially coma, november rain, don't cry, back off bitch, right next door to hell, double talkin' jive ...

Guns n'Roses was a phenomenon. They just were not another band. It is true, that the marketing campaign it was done helped a lot to get world wide known... but I think it was well deserved. And there was a time that you could not get a magazine without seeing them in the cover ...

10/10 brilliant

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