Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Legacy

How Helloween could top (or even worst, compare) the mythical Keepers of the 7 keys by releasing a part III.
Sure a marketing mouvement. But how the fans were expecting this?
Very reluctant was I. This was my chance to see Helloween live and i had to listen the record. After reading several reviews, it was clear it was not a bad record, though not comparable at all.
However, in my opinion, part III has the best epic song within the whole 3 parts. Sacrilege??? I love Halloween and Keeper of the 7 keys. They are both awesome, really. But king of 1000 years is re-awesome. And they did performe it live the same way. It was incredible.

I know your secrets
I see the hidden without light
I am your sickness
Bitting you right behind your eyes
Don't try to kill me
I cannot die, a death you know
You and I will be
Heaven above and hell below

Soft part comes with light the universe, a beautiful ballad with candice, and the funny part, mrs. god -see the video, it is a funny story :-)

If all the songs were like king of 1000 years it would have been the record of the decade.

8/10 great to have

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