Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fear no evil

Great record from our beloved teutonic. This one will be mine shortly :-)
It is a 80s record, and to my taste much much better than Warrior Soul. Maybe I prefer summer red to blue winter ;-)
Anyway, songs as on the run, celebrate, the night of the warlock, i lay my head upon my sword, long lost for love are great rock anthems. Also mid tempos, as Scorpions, are great too.
And of course, the ballads, Walking with the angels -not to confuse with the magnific dueto with UDO -, which I prefer to Herzblut (heart blood), which in the single Celebrate is sung within in 4 languages. Good point to mrs. Doro.

Did i say it is a great cover art too? :-)

10/10 brilliant

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