Sunday, March 29, 2009

konfidential & x-treme close-up

2 compilations from kiss in 1 dvd.
First one, Konfidential, IS Alive III ... Do this record really interested somebody? Not me. I am not a very die hard fan, but I do consider seeing Kiss alive (in 96) was a dream come true. I have at least 10 kiss records. Alive II in both lp and cd. So I am not a bad fan :-) -Alive II and Strangers in the night are my favourites live records- ... but Alive III is not my cup of tea really. (Not to say it'd missed songs like a million to one, who wants to be lonely, from the elder, from unmasked songs...)
At least it is added 4 vintage clips.
6/10 for die hard fans

Second one is awesome. X-treme close-up
I had it already in vhs as well, so when it went to dvd it was obvious choice. It is very easy to understand. And the clips are fantastic. There are clips from all their story until '92. Simply awesome. Kiss story told by them to their fans. Little details and funny stories.
10/10 awesome (again :-) )

Definitive package would be Kissology. I own I and II. However i am not pleased they were in region I and not in region 0... somebody to please explain me so i can understand... not enough fans in europe/japan? and it could have been the greatest package on earth...

10/10 fantastic compilation. X-treme deserves it by its own. It is a 3h package.


Jon Hinchliffe said...

Oh I really love the Alive III set. I must admit as a Kiss fan with all the albums I get kind of bored with the Alive set. It is good but I think I am more of a Paul Stanley fan and on Alive III there are more Paul moments. I also really like the album they were promoting on this tour.
Like you I loved the Kissology releases. Again I mainly liked seeing the concerts from different periods. The shows without Make-up really interested me.
I guess the reason they were region 1 only was to make it easier on publishing TV clips worldwide.

fff said...

To be honest, i am quite die-hard fan, since i have most of their records, and i appreciate the moments with and without make-up, but my feeling was, with III, that they shoould have used new songs, they have so much!!
Revenge was a great record, the record where Gene claimed 'to have his mind back!', but always Kiss has done AT LEAST 2 or 3 great songs per record... and some records are totally forgotten :-( ...
Kissologies releases were great. I am seeing now Plug me in from ACDC and i am rediscovering the band! Great!
About the Region 1 only, i just feel to say, hey! America's not alone in the world, and Kiss have lots of Japanese and European fans... more than in the States i'd say... :-)
Anyway, thanks for appreciating Alive III, though it is not the one i like most, it has great songs, yes!! :-)