Saturday, August 09, 2008

Keep the faith

Mother mother tell your children
That their time has just begun
I have suffered for my anger
There are wars that cant be won

Father father please believe me
I am laying down my guns
I am broken like an arrow
Forgive me
Forgive your wayward son

My 2nd concert was the Bon Jovi Keep the faith tour. I couldn't convince my girlfriend to come (she had an exam) and she recognised later she did wrong... but I went, of course :-) ... around 30th march '93.

I loved Bon Jovi by that time and I still think Jon is a great composer and delivered great. Even they played dry contry, a fantastic epic which with the title are the best songs from the record. Nicest ballads in these arms and bed of roses are great as well... And I love if i was your mother. Jon is a great singer and the band rocks and ballads, and i guess most of the most of metal-heads will hate me because this support, but I do not care. I love good songs and Bon Jovi wrote and perfomed a bunch of the highest quality.

10/10 classic status

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